Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Return to Haiti

Jack and I returned to Haiti yesterday. Our plane flew in very low over Cap Haitian to avoid a storm, and we saw whole sections of houses along the coasts covered in water. We had heard that there were two rainy seasons in Haiti, but only ever seen the summer version. This one seems far worse, as the rain has been falling day and night with little sun. Roads are a mass of clay and water, and as the rain falls down the mountains and into the sea, clay and mud is mixed with it.

When we arrived in Ste. Suzanne, two surprises lay in wait. The first--Anouse, the housekeeper at the rectory, our friend, and our source of support here, has been sick. She's gone, staying in another town in her own home and we don't know if she'll get better or if she'll return. The second--our house is covered in mold. It's difficult to describe how big a problem this is. All the furniture in the house is covered with it. All our linens, towels, and clothes. We will have to wash everything, but since it's been raining so much I have no idea how we'll get it dry. Our bed was spared, thank God. Only the mattress cover and pillows were moldy so last night Jack and I slept in our clothes on the bare mattress.

I've been advised to keep the entries short, so I'll conclude here. Be assured that we miss you all!



  1. Vincent, Maria, and AdrianJanuary 5, 2010 at 5:55 PM

    That's terrible--all of it! We'll pray for you and for your house, and that you are given support. We'll pray for Anouse. We'll pray for the poor people whose houses are covered in water. We'll pray for Haiti! We miss you and are so sad about your troubles. Things WILL get better; the Blessed Mother is praying for you!

  2. How horrible! When will the rainy season end??

  3. Thanks for all the concern! Jack and I are steadily making progress, although our roof has begun leaking (apparently concrete conducts water?) and we found four cockroaches in our old salt shaker. Somehow I'm writing this with a smirk on my face. We're at least feeling prayers in our improved spirits.

    Concerning my dad's question (David E)... We have no idea! Hopefully soon...