Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top Twenty Causes of Culture Shock

Jack and I arrived in the United States last night and compiled a short list of our first reactions:

  1. Glass windows, non-fortress like houses; the incredible amount of wealth (in everyday houses)
  2. Lawns
  3. Cars (not trucks) gliding on perfectly smooth asphalt—moving like silent car commercials versus something out of Jurassic Park.
  4. GOBS of electricity; flew in over Fort Lauderdale and freaked at how much power was being used… tried imagining how much generator fuel would be required and then freaked out some more.
  5. Water pressure; Jack and I spent several minutes giggling and marveling at the kitchen sink (note: Jack first thought the kitchen sink was broken because the water came out too quick)
  6. Jack: Urinals! And being a little frightened of them.
  7. Flushing toilets… EVERY time
  8. The amount of space and order; everything is neat and beautiful
  9. Mass organization—water, electricity, propane, city planning, etc.
  10.  Holding hands
  11.  Unlimited downloads
  12.  Cheese and roast beef.
  13.  Straight lines. Everywhere.
  14.  Shiny, straight hair
  15.  Gracious customer service
  16.  Automatic sinks, silverware dispenser (what?!), etc
  17.  Not having to worry about cleanliness at all
  18.  Silence.
  19.  A well fed cat that meows (versus continuous yowling) and is disease-free
  20.  Clean air

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