Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mouse Update!

I would just like to say, before you read any farther, that nothing in this post is exaggerated.

Last night Jack and I constructed the pill bottle mouse trap. We followed the instructions carefully and set the trap with some degree of confidence. I admit that Jack and I are becoming a little paranoid about the mouse. So last night when I awoke at 1 AM with a vague sense that something was in the bed, I sat up for a moment but sensing nothing, laid back down. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, a small four legged creature scurried over my legs! Jack and I sprang up, turned on the light, and there Msr. was! Leaning against the wall a few feet from our bed is a metal bedframe (we're currently staying in a bunkhouse of sorts). Msr. had run up it and stood there "hiding." We searched for something with which to hit Msr, but only small flashlights, books, and flip flops were at hand. We shouted, clapped, and ran at the mouse who of course ran for cover. Bizarrely, we discovered two tiny okra pods in the bathroom at the base of the toilet. A message? Threat? No idea.

We went back to bed disgusted and wide awake. Yet what could we do? There was no way to seal our room and nothing with which to kill the mouse. We put a flashlight and swiss army knife next to the bed and eventually managed to fall back asleep thinking surely the mouse would stay away for the rest of the night. Right? Wrong.

At 3 AM I was jarred awake from a dream in which I was trying to kill the mouse in my childhood home armed with an Italian leather purse.

The mouse was on my pillow.

Flurry of action, flashlight switched on, photo taken, knife thrown. The mouse again scurried away.

Needless to say, the trap did not work and we did not get much sleep.

This morning Fr. Medenel asked us how we slept. We told him that we had shared our bed with a mouse and he laughed and laughed and laughed. :-)

I cannot wait to move into our own house.




  1. I forgot to mention, that this is currently the leading mouse trap suggestion (thanks Craig!):


    Ceiling Fan
    Plastic Bag
    5 Gal bucket
    Plank (piece of wood, or something equilivant that mouse can climb

    1. Place trailmix into plastic bag, tie it up with rope, and hang it by rope over ceiling fan (using fan as a pulley.
    2. Lean the plank up on ceiling fan, resting it on ground (or place that mouse can start climbing up it on)
    3. Place trail mix bait on the plank leading up to the ceiling fan.
    4. Place directly underneath hanging plastic bag
    5. Wait in dark corner with machete for mouse to climb up to ceiling fan.
    6. When mouse gets in plastic bag, cut the string with the machete

    *Mouse drops into bucket. Cap bucket until mouse can be humanely disposed of.

    Do not whip mouse in plastic bag against wall. Does not work.

  2. I can't believe it was on your pillow!!!! How horrible! Get out of there and into your new house! We are praying for you especially that you can get some sleep, peaceful sleep tonight.

  3. Andrea,
    Not that this much consolation, but I believe that I met an ancestor of your mouse on my last trip when I slept in the back room/stairwell on the bottom floor. Several mornings I would greet the day by gazing at my 'roommate' squatting on hind legs atop my duffel bag. Had I realized that my 'roommate' had the potential to traipse across my forehead I might not have been so cavalier!


  4. Andrea et Jack,

    Sur mon honneur, ce n'est pas moi! J'étais occupé la nuit dernière
    déplacer mes affaires dans votre nouvel appartement (j'ai peut-être
    ne devraient pas avoir partagé que de nouvelles?). S'il vous plaît savoir que
    tout se respecte souris haïtienne ne serait jamais montée
    dans votre lit et de perturber votre sommeil! Malheureusement,
    le rongeur / propriétaire avait loué à une famille de souris DR
    qui ne sait pas comment se comporter. Un signe révélateur de DR
    souris est leur utilisation des gousses de gombo dans le brassage de souris
    la bière, donc les indices que vous avez trouvé. S'il vous plaît aller bientôt si
    que nous pouvons être à nouveau ensemble!


    Msr. Mouse

  5. To Andrea and Jack's friends (English for Americans!)

    Andrea and Jack,

    On my honor, it was not me! I was busy last night
    moving my belongings in your new apartment (perhaps I
    should not have shared that news?). Please know that
    any self-respecting Haitian mouse would never climb
    into your bed and disturb your sleep! Unfortunately,
    the rodent/landlord had leased to a DR mouse family
    that does not know how to behave. A telling sign of DR
    mice is their use of okra pods in the brewing of mice
    beer, thus the clues you found. Please move soon so
    that we can be together again!!


    Msr. Mouse

  6. If it makes you guys feel any better... Shortly after I came in from a late shift last night
    Maria called me upstairs. She had heard a largish bug flying around slamming into the walls of Adrian's room. She and the baby hid safely in our room and I turned on all the other lights and hunted, but to no avail. I assured her that it must be a beetle, as they fly all around at night and often slam into things, and we all went to bed. Today, I got out of the shower, grabbed my towel and Msr. Monster Roach scurried up my arm and shoulder! He's dead now. Burial at sea. We hope for such a conclusion to your story!

  7. That sounds rough! Kudos to you guys for putting up such a fight! I deal with daily ear-wigs and spiders, but thankfully the cockroaches I see all over town have not made it into our house. Looks like I might be volunteering in the Amazon this summer, so I will have to be getting used to weird and unwelcome creatures (and 12 foot anacondas...ahhh)

    Keep up the good work....and mouse trapping,


  8. Jack...get the AWP. Hide in the fridge. Settle the score.

  9. Andrea, you should write a novella about Msr. Mouse! You're such a great, descriptive, and fluent writer!!! I love it!!!!

    I have had a similar experience with a much more loveable creature... our cat. He manages to scale unbelievable heights to reach a closed bag of catfood and using only his four remaining teeth and clawless paws, somehow rips a hole in the bag to reach his reward. The only solution I've found (since "disposing" of this helpless furball is out of the question due to attachment issues) we've put the food in plastic tupperware containers. They are impenitrable to his quad-teeth condition.

    Is there any way we could send you such plastic food-havens? An early Christmas present perhaps??? :)

    -Amanda Shoe

  10. Good thought, Amanda, but we used to store dog food in rather hefty buckets, and either mice or rats ate a hole through the bottom! Their teeth are made for boring. I suspect tupperware and other plastic food havens are no match for a determined mouse.

  11. This is war! Any cats in Haiti? If I sent you mousetraps would they get through?